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Putting change in your pocket and saving you money.

With the economic down turn and the uncertain world we are now living in that job security seems to have disappeared along with the local economy, having been replaced forever with the one great global market place.

The jobs for life philosophy is all but dead as each individual competes in some circumstances with people from across the whole entire world, from different countries to totally different ethnic and racial backgrounds with little or no language barriers. The relocated call centers are as equally good and the service generally good.

With the competition for work and employment at an all time high, yet with few actual job vacancies out in the marketplace, the question on most people’s lips is how to economize? How can a family household actually reduce their monthly expenditure?

We all now need to become our own Money Saving Expert and reduce our fixed monthly overheads like our utility bills, such as Gas, Electricity, Home Phone, Broadband Internet, Internet and Mobile Phone tariff, where possible.

With the advent of the Internet you would probably have thought this couldn’t be easier, although with all the Gas and Electricity Comparison Sites does this not just make it more confusing.

Is it just down to Gas Electricity Price or am I actually looking for a good service to add to my overall requirements when I am searching for a new gas and electricity supplier?

How many times have we all heard the old saying cheapest does not always mean the best? Is it quality or quantity of service we are actually looking for?

If you are looking to change gas and electricity supplier or just compare gas and electricity prices? Looking for Pay as you Go on your mobile phone? Or a cheaper mobile phone tariff?

It is with all of the above in mind that I put this website together to help everyone in there personal search to economize on all these fixed utility bills costs whilst helping and offering advise to become more efficient in the home.

Having been a plumber for 25 years I have tried to bring interesting articles on energy efficiency, central heating systems, boiler upgrades and renewable energy into an easy to understand and helpful format. Only you the reader can be the judge of that and in the meantime I hope you enjoy my website.

Should you have any related questions please use the Contact page and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.