Duel Fuel

At the moment your gas and electricity might well be supplied by the same utility supplier, this is commonly known as dual fuel or it may be that you have two separate suppliers of your gas and electricity. If you receive an electricity bill from one energy supplier and a gas bill from a different one, then you are not on a dual fuel contract.

Why is dual fuel Gas – Electricity different to single fuel.

As far as you and your household is concerned, there is very little difference between having dual fuel gas and electricity or single fuel contracts, although lots of people now choose duel fuel as a result of the additional benefits this may include.

What are the benefits of taking dual fuel Gas and Electricity.

People opt for duel fuel energy usage as its usually cheaper and most energy suppliers will offer you a dual fuel discount if you sign up for a dual fuel tariff with them. The annual discounts given by the gas and electricity supplier will usually manifest its self as a monthly or annual discount straight of your energy bills.

Its usually more convenient for you and with some gas and electricity suppliers offering a combined bill for simplicity and not forgetting you are only dealing with one single supplier resulting in one single point of contact should you have any enquiries.

Is it easy to switch to Duel Fuel Gas Electricity.

Switching to a duel fuel gas and electricity contract really is straightforward and easy. The first thing to do is determine who is the best option for you and your home energy usage in your area, to see how much you could actually save by taking dual fuel. You do not have to switch to one of your current gas and electricity suppliers you are contracted to if you do not wish to. You may switch either one or both of your current fuels away to a new energy supplier if it’s more cost effective.

Once you’ve found the right duel fuel deal for you, simply apply to switch to your chosen new energy supplier and the switch over will be all taken care of for you. There is no complicated paperwork for you to fill out and the process is so very simple and you will not even notice the switch over has taken place until you receive your new cheaper bills.

Is Duel Fuel always cheaper ?

The duel fuel discounts associated with this type of energy contract will most often mean your combined gas electricity will be cheaper, so paired with the convenience of only having one energy supplier it can be a great convenience and advantage. However, dual fuel isn’t always cheaper, so the best way is to check your options and compare prices in your area.