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Combination Gas Boiler

Combination Gas Boiler

How To Fill A Combi Boiler

Energy Efficiency Advice will always stress that a correctly maintained and serviced boiler will work more efficiently and here is how to fill your combi boiler.

Watch the video here if you have ever struggled to fill your combination boiler or sealed system central heating boiler and thought that the plumber made it all look so easy ? Maybe the filling loop was fitted in some hard to get at place like under the sink and not even within eyesight of your boiler.

How maddening is all that when the plumber explains you have to fill up the boiler whilst at the same time concentrate on watching the little pressure gauge which is always the furthest point from where you are situated and you may even have your head beneath the kitchen sink.

Here is a video from our sister website Energy Efficiency Advice and hopefully this will help you now and in the future.

There are several fundamental requirements when filling your combi or sealed system boiler.

How To Fill A Combi Boiler

1. Done best with the central heating water cold you need to fill the boiler to approximately 1.2 bar pressure. If the filling loop is not in a near by proximity to the boiler, gradually fill the boiler with cold water and keep stopping to make sure you do not over fill the boiler.

2. Make sure that during the filling process you vent where required all radiators of air so the entire heating system is full of water.

3. Note if you are continuously filling your boiler on a day to day basis you may have a leak within the boiler or heating system.

4.Once the boiler pressure is back to 1.2 bar pressure you are good to go again and turn your heating on.

5. Remember it is normal for you to fill your sealed system heating or combination boiler every 4 to 6 weeks and in some cases longer time periods.

Enjoy the video from Energy Efficiency Advice.

How To Fill A Combi Boiler

I hope this video on how To Fill A Combi Boiler has been helpful to you?