Mobile Phone Recycle


Energy efficiency is the current buzz word yet most items we own such as mobile phones can be recycled in some way helping to maintain our resources and in some cases make us all a little well needed cash too.

Most people have old mobiles lying around the house, and here are a few facts you may not know….

Most people on average only use a mobile phone for 12 to 24 months depending on their contract until they are replaced by a new handset. As a result, over 100 million mobile phones are estimated to be unused in Europe every year, and that number is growing.

Are you aware that it’s illegal to put your old handsets in household waste ?

There are estimated to be 66 million old and unwanted mobile phones in the UK and less than 10% of these are recycled.

Approximately 25.5 million mobile phones are upgraded each and every year, which would indicate that the mobile mountain of unused and unwanted phones is increasing year on year by at least 17.9 million handsets.

Mobile phones add to the burden of UK landfill and with potential toxins from batteries and plastics can leak into the ground.

Every mobile phone can be re-used and or recycled.

Re-use of mobile phones is better for the environment as no new raw materials are required and the life of the original phone is extended.