Motorway Turbine Lighting

Motorway Wind Turbine Lighting

Motorway Wind Turbine Lighting

The goal of becoming Energy efficient maybe the mother of invention so to speak and with the growing number of cars globally and many cities around the world lighting up the streets and highways this increases our energy usage.

With this increased carbon foot print becoming every more problematic solutions are now sort within this growing industry of renewable energy.

The basic idea is that a passing car or truck which is burning gas as it travels moves the turbine with the wind turbulence created and therefore the turbine moves and creates electrical energy to power the street lights.

This has been created by TAK Studio (United States of America) comes as one of the latest innovation in green roadways–the attractive Turbine Light and is showcased at the Greener Gadgets Design Competition.

These wind-powered lights would line up the streets and highways and illuminate when cars pass by them.  IF enough energy is generated by the passing cars, the lights will shine the path to your destination.  Problem is, and a big IF in this model.  There is the possible problem that this would promote faster driving?

It would make sense for something like this to be installed in windy cities that already generate enough energy for illumination. For all the rest, what about solar powered lights ?

The Turbine Light is an entrant in the Greener Gadgets Competition check out all the amazing entries. The Greener Gadget Conference took place in New York City on February 25th, 2010.

Principal Of Wind Turbine Lighting

Principal Of Wind Turbine Lighting

Highway Wind Turbines

Wind Energy, as everyone knows can be used to generate electricity and are common in our rural countryside in windy prone areas. These wind turbines have been proven generators of clean, green power, although most of the time you need large open areas of space to locate these.

So how do we bring wind power and the associated turbine producing equipment to the cities ?

This futuristic Highway Turbine was thought up by an Arizona University student.  The turbines are simply designed to pickup the air turbulence created by the passing  car and lorries which may be traveling at speeds up to 65 – 70 mph beneath the Highway Turbine.

It is estimated that each turbine could produce approximately 9.6 kwh of energy annually and that’s enough to light up a small apartment or help power the street lights on our motorways.

Good idea or not time will tell although I like it and maybe they should be painted green

Highway Wind Turbine Energy

Highway Wind Turbine Energy