Why Use Renewable Energy.

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Energy Efficiency is now becoming a must and there is now a consensus among scientists that climate change is real and that it poses an immense threat to the world we all live in. The changes of climate will impact us all and create such problems as we see in today’s news headlines, such as drought, famine, disease, flooding with regional insecurity and population displacement as we have recently seen in our newspapers and on television, in Cumbria 2009 and Australia 2011.

Here in the Uk we are currently responsible for the release of around 3% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions, whilst only having 1% of the world’s population.

To help lessen the effects of climate change, we must reduce the level of greenhouse gas emitted. This can be achieved by generating our energy needs from sources that emit low levels of greenhouse gases, such as renewable energy. We can also make sure that we all use energy as efficiently as possible.

Simply put Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, and all these renewable energy sources can be naturally replenished. Tapping into this natural flow of energy simply allows us to take advantage of the natural cycles of highs and lows within our world. Therefore this type of energy is truly renewable as it remains available to the same degree and is not depleted any more than it would be by using it and does not create added waste products.

The fact remains that all renewable energy sources, are the only truly sustainable energy production method, and therefore makes them clearly desirable to us all. The impetus for us all to adopt these products such as solar panels and the like has grown much stronger in recent years due to the increasing costs of our household utility bills. With energy bills set to rise into the future we will all have to look at ways to save on our energy usage.

While it is inevitable that we will need to embrace renewable energy more so in the future it will mean changing our lifestyles significantly as non-renewable sources such as heavy oil and natural gas diminish. Today oil and gas make up in excess of 50% of our supplies. Therefore we are likely to see our energy supplies coming from a greater variety of sources, whilst it is also likely to be far more costly to us all.

Therefore with the costs associated with energy going up all the time and with no realistic view that these costs will come down as we head into the future, renewable energy becomes an ever more popular option to home owners everywhere. Not withstanding the global impact we all contribute to global warming.

Legislation is already in place within the business communities so renewable energy use will become more widespread, with this legislation already placing targets for its use in certain developments.

Therefore with the possibility of future legislation from government, now maybe a great time to invest in renewable energy and save money, for your home or business.